Parking Lot Paint Striping

Parking Lot Paint Striping

Newly striped parking lots can enhance the appearance of a commercial establishment, while maximizing the amount of parking space, and maintaining efficient traffic flow.

When parking lot line is well-marked, drivers understand how to navigate through the traffic and how to steer clear of accidents. This results in fewer traffic jams .The lines and stripes are used to show the traffic’s direction, where parking is not authorized, and which spots are designated for handicapped parking. Having a stripped and marked pavement for business parking helps your customers move comfortably and safely through your lot.


parking lot paint striping

The most familiar paint utilized for parking lot paint striping is water-based acrylic. It is durable, highly visible, and bright. Thankfully, it is a quite a bit environment-friendly too. We use these paints for most parking lots as well as highways and roads.

At Callegari, we have a professional and certified team that takes care of the necessary markings and stripes for the pavement and parking zones. There are many reasons to hire our services. Make a Good First Impression.

The parking lot is often the initial thing customers identify when they reach your place of business. A well-maintained parking lot with clear markings offers the impression that you value your business and really care about the protection of your customers.

Reduce Liability: 

The more organized and washed your parking lots, the less likely it is for accidents to happen. Parking lot line painting done in different places do lessen the liability of the property owner if an incident does happen on the property. You can prove that you implemented all required regulations and safety measures to prevent accidents. If the driver was being careless on your property, this does not denote you must have to pay the price for it.

Maximize Customer Satisfaction: 

Parking lots with dim line-markings look unprofessional and make it tough for customers to maneuver through your parking lot. The answer to this issue is economical and easy.  All you need to do is hire our parking lot line painting services to take care of the problem. We also offer parking lot sealing services as well as pressure washing services. 

Why Use Pressure Washing for Parking Lots? 

Parking lot pressure washing ensures that the area is clean, neat, and tidy.  It enhances the beauty of your entire property. 

Since the parking lot sees a lot of dirt and stains due to heavy traffic, power washing is an effective and suitable way to clean it.  Power washing involves using high-pressure water (cold or hot, depends on your parking lot’s cleaning needs) and gentle chemicals, which ensures that the place looks as good as new and is rid of stains.

Even though common household detergents can be utilized to wash your asphalt parking lot, they leave a residue that doesn’t look good, and harmful chemicals are not good for you and your customers’ health. 

Contact Callegari to hire our parking lot painting and pressure washing services near me and give your property a new lease of life. WE have been in the business long enough to understand the specific requirements of different properties and offer our services accordingly. Get a free quote today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pressure washing uses highly pressurized water to forcefully remove any dirt or grime from surfaces and sometimes that’s not good for your residential property.

Soft washing is a low pressure wash that pressurization in favor of chemicals. These chemicals are safe for both your home and environment.
Pressure washing is the easiest way to get rid of rust on any size area that has rust damage. Also, softwashing your home will help keep the integrity of the property because if rust has a chance to build up it will weaken the structure.
Yes, although we can’t guarantee that 100% of it will be removed, we work diligently with chemicals that’s proven to remove majority of stains from concrete.
Sometimes old wood surfaces and textures like yard fences can appear to look like it needs to be replaced, but just like properties, wood sometimes needs to be soft pressured cleaned and stained which will save you thousands of dollars.
The correct stain application to your wood will protect the wood from the outdoor weather conditions and help the surface last a lot longer.