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A roof free from dirt, mildew, algae, and bacteria can increase the value of your commercial or residential property, leaving owners like you with more equity and less fret. 

Why spend thousands of your hard earned dollars on replacing your roof?  Trust our experts to restore your roof to its truest state of identity, utilizing a softwash cleaning method. 

We use a low-pressure cleaning system that outperforms the use of regular pressure washing. Soft wash is ideal for roof cleaning our eco-friendly chemicals soak into shingles removing dirt, mildew, algae, and bacteria. We strive to provide a fresh clean for a fresh start, our products are mixed on site meeting the exact needs of each unique surface that needs cleaning. 

Roof Cleaning Services In Baton Rouge, LA

Our current project minimum is $392 for non-re-occurring visits 

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& Softwash

The build-up of dirt, grime, oil, grease and other debris can cause your property to lose its natural state of appeal overtime which can devalue commercial properties, and prevent your business from attracting new customers. 

Parents, we strive to help keep your home safe and germ free. In addition to common allergies that can affect your children, these substances mold, mildew, algae, dirt can lead to serious medical conditions like asthma. 

Regular pressure washing your surface areas promotes good air quality and hygiene for those who live in your home or encounter your business.

Softwashing is ideal for roof, exterior building, equipment, and fleet cleaning. Our eco-friendly chemicals soak into the tightest corners removing toxics like dirt, mildew, and bacteria. 

Local Businesses? Rather it’s assuring your restaurant kitchen is well sanitized for a healthy feeding, improving 18-wheeler functionality utilizing professional cleaning methods, or providing tailor-made cleaning procedures to your medical facilities while promoting a healthy environment for patients, and health professionals we have you covered!

Pressure & Soft Washing Services In Baton Rouge, LA

Our current project minimum is $292 for non-reoccurring visits

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Professional cabinet painting & Wood staining

Is your kitchen in need of a facelift? Are you ready to wow your friends and family the next time you invite them over to dinner? We understand, replacing kitchen cabinets can leave a dent in your wallet. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure when it comes to allowing our team of experts to refine your kitchen cabinets. Beautiful cabinets is complimentary to a nice toned back splash and we are here to help modernize your kitchen, giving you a fresh coat for a fresh start. Inquire about our kitchen cabinet painting services. 

Your outside deck is a crucial part of your beautiful home. It’s where you spend warm summer evenings relaxing with your loved ones and weekends sharing a drink with your buddies, on the grill, enjoying a sports game.  One way to keep your deck attractive and pleasing to visitors is to have it stained periodically. Fence stain services available as well. 

Kitchen Cabinet Staining Services In Baton Rouge, LA

Our current project minimum for wood staining is $300 and $2,000 for cabinets.  

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Beautiful investments like your commercial or residential property deserves to maintain its value. Our goal is to bring normal wear and tear around your property back to its truest state of identity. Our paint contractors will work to restore cracks, chipping, and holes. If applicable, drywall repair is highly recommended prior to applying a fresh coat of paint to interior or exterior surface. Our painters use non-toxic, eco friendly paints from Shermin Williams to protect your environment from any harmful chemicals. 

Choosing exterior house colours can be can be a headache, but our professionals can assist you with choosing the right color to make your designated area stand out. We strive to carry out paint projects in the upmost professional manner. Upon completion of work will have a walkthrough of painted areas assuring both parties are satisfied with project. 

Unlike other painting contractors in baton rouge we can pressure wash and give you a fresh coat for a fresh start.  

Our current project minimum for painting is $500 unless it’s a scenario where client provides paint and our professionals show up with tools and do the labor. 

Professional Painting Services In Baton Rouge, LA

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Parking lot Maintenance

Parking lot striping Baton Rouge, is ready to restore your curb appeal and help your attract new customers to your establishment. 

Parking lot maintenance consist of the use of a pressure washing system that allows concrete to be freshly painted and line striped. 

Newly striped parking lots can enhance the appearance of your commercial establishment, while maximizing the amount of parking space, and maintaining efficient traffic flow. 

Remove the risk of an accident happening on your premises due to vanishing lines and difficult to navigate traffic signs. Customers and visitors should always feel safe and secure when parking on your lot. 

Consequently, a cautioned offed parking lot can be perceived as “closed for business” therefore we make it priority to show up during early bird or grave yard shifts to assure your business operations remain steady.   

Professional Parking Lot Line Striping Services In Baton Rouge, LA


Our current project minimum for parking lot line striping is $500 for small lots and $1000 for big lots. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pressure washing uses highly pressurized water to forcefully remove any dirt or grime from surfaces and sometimes that’s not good for your residential property.

Soft washing is a low pressure wash that pressurization in favor of chemicals. These chemicals are safe for both your home and environment.
Pressure washing is the easiest way to get rid of rust on any size area that has rust damage. Also, softwashing your home will help keep the integrity of the property because if rust has a chance to build up it will weaken the structure.
Yes, although we can’t guarantee that 100% of it will be removed, we work diligently with chemicals that’s proven to remove majority of stains from concrete.
Sometimes old wood surfaces and textures like yard fences can appear to look like it needs to be replaced, but just like properties, wood sometimes needs to be soft pressured cleaned and stained which will save you thousands of dollars.
The correct stain application to your wood will protect the wood from the outdoor weather conditions and help the surface last a lot longer.