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Beautiful investments like your commercial or residential property deserves to maintain its value. Our goal is to bring normal wear and tear around your property back to its truest state of identity. Our paint contractors will work to restore cracks, chipping, and holes. If applicable, drywall repair is highly recommended prior to applying a fresh coat of paint to interior or exterior surface. Our painters use non-toxic, eco friendly paints from Shermin Williams to protect your environment from any harmful chemicals. 

Choosing exterior house colours can be can be a headache, but our professionals can assist you with choosing the right color to make your designated area stand out. We strive to carry out paint projects in the upmost professional manner. Upon completion of work will have a walkthrough of painted areas assuring both parties are satisfied with project. 

Unlike other painting contractors in baton rouge we can pressure wash and give you a fresh coat for a fresh start.  

Our current project minimum for painting is $500 unless it’s a scenario where client provides paint and our professionals show up with tools and do the labor. 

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Our Exterior House Painting Services Are you looking for a professional exterior house painters in Baton Rouge or nearby?

Callegari’s Paint & Pressure Washing is one of the best companies for all types of painting projects in Baton Rouge, LA . Book online our interior and exterior painting service for your residence or commercial space. 

Painting a simple area may seem a tedious task, but with our skills and tools, you’ll have the task done in no time. Your valuable home is your biggest investment, so maintaining its appearance and keeping it protected is of utmost priority.

Our home designers are professional exterior house painters near you

As our professionals paint incredible houses every single day, you’ll surely love the way we work and the end result you get. Share your pretty ideas with our experts and give us the chance to design your house in a most elegant and unique way. We’ll provide unique and affordable interior and exterior painting within the Baton Rouge and surrounding areas, as per your budget without compromising the quality parameter. Whether you love to surround yourself with time-honored traditional design, or motivated, modern, cutting edge couture, it’s our ultimate aim to design spaces that blossom your lifestyle and your taste. We pride ourselves on working jointly with our clients to explore the ideal products that satisfy your budget and design style.

Difference between interior and exterior painting

Various paints come with different versions, as they are manufactured for numerous purposes. Exterior paint is formulated to handle fading and mildew. Interior paint, on the other side, is made to permit resist staining and cleaning. Exterior paint has to sustain being
exposed to huge temperature changes and moisture. It also has to resist peeling, fading, and chipping. Because of this reason, the resins utilized in the manufacture of exterior paints have to be pretty soft. For interior paints, moisture and huge temperature changes is not an issue. Therefore, the resins utilized in the manufacture can be harder.

Add a new coat of paint

Having a residential house painting is one of the easiest ways to transform your home’s interior. Whether we need your full house  painted or just need to freshen up the living room, Callegari’s Paint & Pressure Washing interior house painting services are equipped for all of your painting needs.

The best interior house painting services for your home

No matter where on planet earth we go, we act in response to various colors. However, the importance of colors is often underrated. Choosing the right color schemes for your sweet home is necessary for both of us. And the easy manner to pick the most brilliant paint colors is to begin with our simple color engine. Check out the standard color schemes that won’t bind you for a meticulous decorating style.

Support for you and your house

Callegari’s Paint & Pressure Washing commercial exterior painters are here for you and your lovely home. Whether painting exterior or interior, our talented-skilled team of specialized painters will give you a top-notch experience. You’ll love the way we work and the results we give. We will accommodate the requirements of your busy schedule while minimizing disturbance to your home or business. Contact our experts to discuss your project today.

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We understand the importance of keeping the exterior of your home or business looking spotless. That’s why we work with our customers’ needs and strive to exceed expectations while delivering the best services at affordable prices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pressure washing uses highly pressurized water to forcefully remove any dirt or grime from surfaces and sometimes that’s not good for your residential property.

Soft washing is a low pressure wash that pressurization in favor of chemicals. These chemicals are safe for both your home and environment.
Pressure washing is the easiest way to get rid of rust on any size area that has rust damage. Also, softwashing your home will help keep the integrity of the property because if rust has a chance to build up it will weaken the structure.
Yes, although we can’t guarantee that 100% of it will be removed, we work diligently with chemicals that’s proven to remove majority of stains from concrete.
Sometimes old wood surfaces and textures like yard fences can appear to look like it needs to be replaced, but just like properties, wood sometimes needs to be soft pressured cleaned and stained which will save you thousands of dollars.
The correct stain application to your wood will protect the wood from the outdoor weather conditions and help the surface last a lot longer.